Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Elusive King's Gambit

Just noting that Quality Chess' promised book on the King's Gambit is as elusive as ever. Now the publishing date is set to May (the discrepancy between the publishing schedule and the book's info page is normal).

Update 2012-03-27
Now the blog says May/June while the book's info page says May. In one month the publishing date has only been delayed with half a month - looks like progress.

Update 2012-05-21

And now it's July. Not quite two months have passed and the delay is another month and a half... No new indications of progress.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Killer Opening Repertoire Reviewed

Today I received a newsletter from Chessville informing me that Bill McGeary has reviewed "A Killer Chess Opening Repertoire":

The review is in general favourable and contains no big surprises. In my opinion the reviewer somewhat misses the mark when he writes:
"Another thing is that the book is dated. Certainly the material in this book is very good, but a number of the lines have evolved a great deal since the first edition. Johnsen writes that only six new games appear in this edition and only one was taken out, also that some games were expanded."
My objection is that the main updating went into the notes and not into the games selection. Sean Marsh' review in Marsh Towers comes closer to my point of view: "Opening the book at random, I discovered an average of five post-1998 game references per double-page spread. Despite the outward appearance, showing (at first glance) the book to be more or less the same as the old edition, it is clear that Sverre has put a lot of work into creating this new edition, while keeping his footsteps very discrete."

Anyway, the review is mostly positive and for those too busy to look up and read the entire review, I quote McGeary's concluding words:
"I like this book a lot and would recommend it to players in the 1700-2100 range. At club level the material will be a heavy winner and in local tournaments nearly as potent. The most valuable aspect for readers of the book is seeing how the opening flows together as the piece arrangements work with the selected pawn structures. A perfect book for improving players in the rating range I mentioned."

These words certainly were true for the original edition and I hope I have contributed to the book's longevity.