Friday, September 7, 2007

Collins' Book Available Too?

I still haven't received my copy of Aagaard's Stonewall II, but I have good hopes it will happen tomorrow. Meanwhile there are rumors that Collins' Attacking Repertoire for Black is now available from Amazon UK. There is a small discussion at Chess Publishing Forum about the reliability of Amazon's announcement. I remain skeptical as long as the book isn't listed on Batsford's/Anova's website.

Postscript 9th September 2007
Today I received unofficial but reliable information that the book will definitely not appear before October 15th and probably not before Christmas! A pity but not really a great surprise.


Anonymous said...

What a shame! I've been looking forward to this book for a while.

Can you give any hints on your source? Did they think it likely the book will eventually appear?

Sverre Johnsen said...

My sources say "Definitely not due before 15th October. My guess is not before Christmas.". My interpretation is that Batsford has not yet received the manuscript and it will take more than a month to proof-read and print it.

I will not say more about my source, except that I later have had the estimate confirmed.

Anonymous said...


thanks for replying so quick. Oh well, at least it sounds as if the book is still expected to appear eventually.

Good luck with your Stonewall book for Gambit. Will this be a 'Play the Stonewall' repertoire kind of book or more like 'The Stonewall Explained' a survey of the opening?

I'll keep my eye out for your book next year.

Sverre Johnsen said...

I am a bit reluctant to talk too much about the coming Stonewall book as it's a work in progress. The signing of contracts has been delayed, and not even the title is yet definitive.

It's clear that it will be a book mainly written from Black's point of view, and it will not be a 'narrow' repertoire book as Black will be offered some choice between lines we consider sound. However, there will be a page limit, so how many options we can offer Black is not yet clear.