Monday, August 25, 2008

London Stonewall Similarities

In a previous post I got a question about why I didn't follow up the London book with one on the Slav Defence. I am eventually going to say something more about that but first I would like to point out some similarities between the Dutch Stonewall and the London System:

  • The London as well as the Stonewall to a great degree are based on ideas rather than exact variations and involve a lot of possibilities for transpositions and move-order tricks.
  • In both openings you normally attempt to fortify a central bastion rather than create immediate central activity.
  • Both openings frequently allow you to switch to a kingside attack shouldn't your opponent play actively enough.
  • Both openings lead to characteristic pawn structures that can frequently be recognized even in the endgame.
  • There are certain London lines where White sets up a Stonewall formation (normally after the exchange of the light-squared bishops but not exclusively).
  • Both openings are in my opinion a bit underestimated.
A typical London position:

A typical Stonewall position:

See the similarity?

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