Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Chess Club

Today I stumbled across this blog reporting from a visit to my chess club, Oslo Schakselskap (OSS). Dana didn't get all the details correct but probably some of our members were responsible for most of the inaccuracies.

OSS really is a nice chess club, located very conveniently close to Majorstuen in Oslo. It arguably is the oldest Norwegian club, founded in 1884. With 4 GMs it has also got quite a strong line-up for team tournaments.

One thing Dana forgot to mention was the club's very nice library, which is very useful - in particular if you are looking for old magazines, tournament books, or the like.


Jon said...

Heter`n Malk? :)

Sverre Johnsen said...

Nei, han heter Jonatan.

Anonymous said...

Hey are you a professional journalist? This article is very well written, as compared to most other blogs i saw today….
anyhow thanks for the good read!

Sverre Johnsen said...

I assume this was intended as a compliment, so thank you!

No, I am no journalist and have no ambition to become one. However, as will be clear from other entries in this blog, I am a co-author of several chess books. And for some years I was the editor of a chess magazine for Norwegian children.