Monday, May 18, 2009

Win with the Stonewall Dutch Finally Completed

Exactly one week ago I sent a final minor correction (one single letter actually) to Gambit Publishing and now our book is at the printers. The total number of corrections were considerable:
  • 126 corrections/additions - including some references to recent games.
  • 20 suggestions for how to make room for those changes that required more space.
  • 8 suggestions/questions, mainly regarding the English language.
  • 5 replies to the editor regarding information given in the manuscript.
It will be interesting to see how many of our changes will be included. From my perspective as an author it seems that Gambit tends to be on the restrictive side. But I suppose that from a publisher's point of view they may well consider themselves generous with last minute amendments.

Updated information on the book can be found at Gambit's information page for the book. The book will be 224 B5 pages (not 208 as previously announced) and will be available in June. I have no inside information about printing time but my guess would be quite early in June.

There is a pdf-sample available for download. There, in addition to some pages from Lesson 4, the Table of Content can be found:

4 Symbols
4 Bibliography
5 Preface
6 Foreword
8 Stonewall Invitation
15 Lesson 1 7 b3: Introduction
36 Lesson 2 The Critical 7 b3 Qe7 8 Ne5!
54 Lesson 3 7 Qc2, 7 Nc3 and Rare 7th Moves
67 Lesson 4 7 Bf4
89 Lesson 5 Lines with a Delayed Bf4
100 Lesson 6 Early Deviations
117 Lesson 7 4 c4 with Nh3
145 Lesson 8 2 c4: Non-Fianchetto Lines
156 Lesson 9 2 Nf3: Non-Fianchetto Lines
169 Lesson 10 2 Nc3 and 2 Bg5
183 Lesson 11 The Staunton Gambit and Rare 2nd Moves
195 Lesson 12 1 c4, 1 Nf3 and 1 g3
211 Solutions to Exercises
222 Index of Variations
223 Index of Players


Anonymous said...

Great news ! Been looking forward to seeing this one. do I obtain an autographed copy :)

Sverre Johnsen said...


When the copies arrives there will be signing of copies at a gathering at Sjakkbutikken ( in Drammen. Hopefully all three authors will be present. I suppose the chess shop also will get a few fully signed copies.

The time for this occasion is yet to be decided but will be announced as soon as we have a reliable date for the delivery.

Except for this it may be difficult to get a fully authographed copy unless you live in Norway and have the patience to collect the signatures one by one.