Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Play the London - pdf Extracts

Just briefly noting that there are now pdf-extracts from Lakdawala's 'Play the London System' at Everyman's chess book site.

I note with some surprise that the book now has reached 256 pages, which is 64 more than the last time I checked. It is still hard to judge how much analytical content there is and how well organized it is. However, the book still seems promising and I am pleased to note that the introduction contains a good portion humour.


Alan said...

I think it's normal for Everyman to list upcoming books as 192 pages until close to publication date when the actual number is known.

In addition to the pdf extracts on the Everyman site, you can see a lot more using the "Look inside" feature on amazon.com - including the index of variations and list of complete games.

Sverre Johnsen said...

Dear Alan,

Thanks for your useful information!

It seems you are right about Everyman's page estimates.

I knew about Amazon's "Look inside" feature but hadn't bothered to check for the London book, and was pleasantly surprised.

I now expect to have Lakdawala's book in a week or two and am quite convinced it will add to the theory of the London system. Maybe in a decade or so, we will have "The Ultimate London System" in the book shops.