Saturday, December 17, 2011

Quality King's Gambit Now for March

Another delay for Quality Chess' King's Gambit book. Now they are heading for March. I expect more delays but obviously something is happening as there now is a new cover:

It looks good but I still think the King's Gambit should wear something more classical.


Anonymous said...

Have you listened to the review of your book "The Ruy Lopez: A Guide for Black" by John Watson on his very first ICC show?

Sverre Johnsen said...

I don't think so (if it was more than a quick mention). I just now had a look at the archives at, and couldn't find it.

I assume Watson must have been quite positive as he gave it very good marks at the Week in Chess site.

Anonymous said...

It was on his very first show, where he interviewed John Donaldson. He reviewed your book and "Play the Ruy Lopez".

Anonymous said...

Also, why didn't we ever see you on Watson's "Chess Talk" show?