Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another Stonewall Extract

I am scanning the web for reviews of our new Stonewall book. So far I have found nothing, and I don't really expect anything resembling a review for a couple of weeks yet. Nevertheless there turned up something interesting.

For some weeks now, Gambit has offered a pdf extract from 'Win with the Stonewall Dutch'. Today I noticed that Niggemann offers another extract from the book. I have not figured out how to link directly to the relevant page but if you go to their homepage, then choose Online-Shop and Neuigkeiten, scroll down to the Stonewall book, click it and then choose 'Katalog', you will find my entire Preface. The text is a bit confusing as there are first two paragraphs from the publisher's blurb and then my text starts without any heading or explanation. The extract from the Preface starts with the sentence: 'I have for a long time been fascinated and mystified by the Stonewall Dutch'.


Howard Streit said...

Found it, scrolled through it, looks great! It reads easily and is very informative, the phrase "Lesson" as used in the title of each chapter is very apt. Well done!

Sverre Johnsen said...

You got it already?

Living in Norway is generally great but sometimes you feel a little isolated.

Anyway, glad you liked it!

Hope your second impression is favorable too!

Anonymous said...

I am in USA and ordered the book this morning. Looking forward to receiving it.

Anonymous said...

Här är en sorts recension jag råkade hitta - försökte beställa den där men fick bara ett felmeddelande.

Gillade Groucho-citatet! :)


Sverre Johnsen said...

Tack Taljechin!

Du har antagelig rett i at dette ikke kan kalles en anmeldelse (recension) i streng forstand ettersom den er skrevet av en sjakkforhandler. Likevel er det sannsynligvis nyttig for potensielle kjøpere og en hyggelig tilbakemelding for forfatterne!

Jeg har inntrykk av at sitatene er populære. De fleste husker de mer humoristiske, men jeg tror en passende blanding av spøk, filosofi og alvor likevel er best.

出張ホスト said...


Sverre Johnsen said...

I accepted this comment for the fun of it. I assume it's spam but there seem to be no active links. If somebody tells me it's offensive or gives me another reason to delete it, I will do so. Otherwise I will consider it a decorative curiosum.