Monday, June 22, 2009

The Stonewall Has Reached Norway

Finally I got my hands on a physical copy of 'Win With the Stonewall Dutch'!

It arrived in the mail today together with 12 other copies and looked exactly as well as I had hoped. Wolff Morrow's artwork on the cover adds considerably to the first impression. There's a tournament in my club so it didn't take me long to get rid of most of the copies. Now I have one for my own library and one for my mother's collection.

I have not yet had the time to check with our correction list but it seems that almost all of our last minute additions made it to the print files. Thanks to editor Graham Burgess and type-setter Petra Nunn!

I was not so happy to spot 3 typos. Fortunately they were all fairly minor and none of them will confuse the reader or influence his repertoire or understanding in any way. I have an agreement with Gambit not to publish any updates or corrections to the book so I will not disclose them now. However, one of them is quite annoying so I will ask the publishers to correct it in an entry here (in a suitable context). One of the typos was missed by all proof reading eyes. Another I believe made it to the printer outside the normal proof-reading process. The third and most annoying one probably crept into the book as a result of the proof-reading/final checking.


Anonymous said...

My copy arrived by post in the Netherlands today. I will be reading through it later !

Anonymous said...

Your book arrived to me in the USA yesterday. I really like this book and look forward to learning from it. Well done.

Sverre Johnsen said...

Did it really reach USA the same day as Norway? Was it sent by letter from Europe?

I can see from the delivery note that the books took 12 days from they were packaged in London to reach a post office near me. It may be high time for Norway to join the EU.