Friday, February 5, 2010

Stonewall Review by Stephen Gordon

Some time ago 3C's excellent book review section was taken over by IM (soon to be GM) Stephen Gordon. The immediate effect seemed to be a slowing down of the number of reviews but now there are ten new, mostly rather short reviews on offer. Gordon's reviews seem to be useful and he has demonstrated that he dares to warn if a book isn't suited for everyone.

One of the books examined this time is "Win with the Stonewall Dutch" which is briefly but quite favorably reviewed. The conclusion is: "A book I could recommend to anyone looking to mix things up against 1.d4 players!".


Anonymous said...

On the Quality Chess website, their is an excerpt of "Grandmaster Repertoire 2, 1 d4-Volume 2", and the excerpt is on the Stonewall Dutch and the author mentions your Stonewall book and seems to have come up with a very good improvement for White in the line you recommend.

linksspringer said...

Following a discussion on chesspub, Avrukh has now withdrawn his recommended line and replaced it with another one! There is a PGN-update on the Quality Chess website before the book has even been released, remarkable!