Saturday, February 27, 2010

Book of the Year Update


'Win with the Stonewall Dutch' was indeed shortlisted to ChessPublishing's Book of the Year contest.

Both the two other finalists are from Quality Chess:


Marin's Grandmaster Repertoire: The English Opening. Since the first voting session, Quality Chess has announced that this series will become a trilogy (not two volumes as originally announced).


Schandorff's Playing the Queen's Gambit.


Surprisingly there have been considerably fewer votes in this final voting session than in the preliminary one (only 50 when I write this entry). Maybe those who voted for books that are now eliminated are not voting in this session (one very good reason would be not having read those left). In that case the final result may be very close to the preliminary one.

What is clear, is that with so few votes in total, every vote will count. The voting closes in a couple of days. So if you like 'Win with the Stonewall Dutch', and is a ChessPublishing member, please give it a vote (again)!


Signalman said...

So few votes cast that the winner was by 2 votes (I think out of 60 or less).

It seems strange that the winning book is the first (of a series of three ?!) on the English opening. Didn't John Watson publish 4 or 5 definitive books on this opening about 10 years ago ? Has that much changed ?

Regardless, I think your Dutch book is remarkably and am glad I own it.

Looking forward to the Summerscale update, although I am not really a d4 player with White :)

Sverre Johnsen said...

Dear Signalman,

Yes, I agree that it seemed a bit odd to enter 1/3 of a series in the contest.

However, as a matter of fact I believe that there was (is) a need for another 'definitive' book (series) on the English opening. Watson's books were very good but are now outdated. And I expect that in 10-15 years there will be a need for yet another one.