Monday, March 29, 2010

Killer Sample Available

A pdf sample from 'A Killer Chess Opening Repertoire' is now available.

It's just a few pages - the Table of Contents and two games featuring the Barry Attack. The first game is Hebden - Nunn, Hastings 1996/7, which gave White's opening system a lot of publicity and then it's Brousek - Rivest, corr. 2003 which is a more recent attempt to keep White's initiative alive.

Table of Contents

Symbols 4
Introduction to the First Edition 5
Updater’s Notes 6
1 Barry Attack 9
2 150 Attack 43
3 Colle-Zukertort System 68
4 1 d4 d5 2 Nf3: Beating the Anti-Colle Systems 92
5 Classical Queen’s Indian 121
6 Anti-Benoni 137
7 Anti-Dutch 2 Bg5 167
8 Odds and Ends 186
Index of Variations 191


Jörgen Olsson said...

I will buy the book for sure. Is there any weapon against the old Indian? I have a friend who plays it all the time. Anyway, that is a minor issue and I must say I hope it have the same quality as winning with the stonewall dutch, a book I use as my only source against 1.d4.

Sverre Johnsen said...

Well, it recommends to meet 1.d4 Nf6 2.Nf3 d6 with 3.Nc3, just as after 2...g6. White will normally follow up with 4.e4, so it avoids the normal Old Indian. However, the book is rather light on this line.

Basically Summerscale wrote the book in 1998 and I updated it a dozen years later. I sought to retain the original book's style and strong points, so the book is written in a somewhat different style than the Stonewall book (Summerscale's style rather than mine!). Nevertheless I believe you will like the book if you liked my previous efforts.