Thursday, May 6, 2010

Killer Repertoire in Marsh Towers

In his chess reviews today, Sean March among other reviews "A Killer Chess Opening Repertoire". The potential buyer can also find a snapshop from one of the new games I added and his impressions regarding the extent of the update. I don't think his estimate of 5 new game references on a double spread is far off but I know that the changes are far from uniformly distributed.

Marsh has certain doubts about some of the repertoire choices but seems quite satisfied with the update and concludes:
"This is a neat little book which can provide serious ammunition for keen club players."


Wolff said...

Hello Sverre!

I just got my copy a week ago and dove right into the anti-colle sections. I'm especially happy with the concept of using the reversed QGA against the d5-Nf6-c5 move order by black. I recall playing a cc game against a titled master where I got a horrible position trying to force a CZ against that setup. I'm currently in a rematch with him and he went for the same line, only this time I played dxc5 and now I have a dominant position after he misplayed the reversed noteboom.

I have been extensively pooring over all the analysis with the aid of Rybka on my quadcore. Indeed there are a few lines in there where Summerscale misses a significantly better move (difference of +0.90 to +0.30), but overall I really like the resulting middlegames white can get from the reversed QGA. I'm entering in all the lines with my own corrections in Bookup's Chess Opening Wizard. This program lets you hone your repertoire and practice playing random lines until you've got everything down.

As for the cover, well I'm not entirely thrilled with the cropping (I would have used more of the lower portion), but other than that I'm happy with it. Maybe could have been brighter, but brightness is really hard to guess when looking at the electronic version.

Sverre Johnsen said...

Hello Wolff!

First of all: I think the cover does what it's intended to. It attracts the potential buyer's attention in a positive way. In my opinion it also reflects the book's style and content quite well.

The reversed Noteboom is a very interesting option. I am a little less happy with the reversed QGD lines leading to isolated queen's pawn positions. For the sub-2200 players it may be quite hard to avoid ending up on Black's side of a theoretical position (known with reversed colours). On the bright side, these are positions where understanding the structure usually counts for more than an extra tempo.

Wolff said...

Can you cite an example of the QGD lines leading to isolated queen's pawn positions? Everything I've read so far in the book leads to QGA reversed lines rather than QGD reversed lines. Maybe I just haven't gotten to that section yet?

Anonymous said...

Awesome web site, I had not noticed previously in my searches!
Carry on the good work!

Anonymous said...

Yes I think it´s awesome too. And the books.. I don´t have the one of the Killer repertoire, but I have the Stonewall one, very good book! The one on the London is good too.

Raul (Spain)